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At the heart of a complete performance package for your vintage aircooled Porsche or VW is a robust reliable power plant. A Type 4 engine can be installed into your vintage Porsche 356 or 912 as well as any aircooled VW from early Split window Beetle or Bus to later aircooled models WITHOUT CUTTING THE CAR.  Yes, you read that correctly. In spite of what you have read, been told or think, we CAN fit a Type 4 power plant in your car without nonreversible modifications.
You will enjoy a greatly enhanced torque curve, wider power band, reduced maintenance, increased reliability and peace of mind.
We can also handle the engineering of all the outboard support systems needed to complete a performance engine package. Oil cooling, dry sump systems, fuel injection systems, ignition systems, fire suppression will be properly engineered and installed to give your engine the supporting cast it deserves.


Performance Type 1 engines need upgraded support systems to help them survive.  It is always a shame to see the early demise of an engine due to an improper oil cooling system, fuel delivery system, sloppy installation with components that failed due to improper routing, security of wiring and plumbing.  We put the same thought into a performance Type 1 installation as we do our Type 4 conversions giving your engine its best opportunity to live as long a life as possible.


From a beefed up swingaxle 4 speed to a Porsche 915 5 speed. We can cover your transaxle upgrade needs.  If you are upgrading the engine, then the transaxle should be tailored to complement the character of the new power plant.  Proper gearing and fortification is essential to good combination.


With increased go power, you will need increased stopping power.  Installing a great drivetrain without addressing the binders is a recipe for disaster.  From a standard disc brake kit to Big Red 4 piston Brembos. We can deliver the brake system needed to drive with confidence.


Suspension is key to a well-rounded vehicle.  Automotive journalists test cars in many different situations. 0 to 60, 0 to 100, skid pad G’s, 60 to 0, slalom course times, etc.  If you can only out-perform your rival in a 0 to 60 or 0 to 100 time and fail in the slalom or braking test.  That with a score of 2 to 1 makes you the looser.  Proper shocks, struts, sway bars, braces and tires will go far to put you head and shoulders above the crowd.  You can then drive with confidence in your vehicles ability to carry out an evasive maneuver or stay firmly planted through corners and under heavy braking.  We can deliver a suspension system upgrade that will complete your performance package.


You have spent lots of time and hard earned money on your baby.  A fire can wipe it all out in seconds.  When a fire strikes, seconds count. You see flames or someone pulls up beside you and tells you that you are on fire.  Now the clock is ticking.  You have to kill the engine, slow down, pull over, stop, grab your fire extinguisher (if you have one) get out of the vehicle, run to the area of the fire, open the hood or decklid (the fire really gets going now that you gave it more air), Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher, aim, squeeze and sweep.  When seconds count, that is an eternity.

We can engineer an onboard fire suppression system for you that is plumbed directly into your engine bay and fuel tank area.  Now if you are informed of a fire, all you have to do is kill the power and either push a button or pull a handle and a large supply of fire extinguishing agent is instantly ported into the closed engine bay and fuel tank area instantly, saving your car and maybe even your life.


So you want a Speedster, 550 Spyder or RSK replica car that is built with the attention to detail and superior components that will take it to the next level.  We can and have built some fine examples using MassIVe drivetrains and some of the finest support system components the market has to offer. The result is unrivaled performance with a look and feel that sets apart from all others.

We are located in Henry County Georgia. Contact us at  dave@dtmengineering.com  or call us at 678-517-3730.
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