DTM Engineering


Q.  Can you provide a list of references?

A.  Yes we can. We must first however ask our customers if he or she is willing to field calls or emails. This is done out of respect for their privacy.

Q.  What will my project cost to complete?

A.  All vehicles are different.  Some require more work than others. Sometimes we find problem areas that must be addressed and add to the overall cost of a project.  We almost never quote a definite cost to complete a project but will give you a price that will cover the project up to a certain number of man-hours and parts.  We do maintain constant communication with our customers so they know were they stand as far as budget is concerned. 

Q.  What if problems come up or are found during the course my project?

A.  Should problems arise, we will communicate this to the customer immediately via phone or email, most often with digital pictures.  We will discuss options and the customer will OK the next course of action.  We do not perform work on a project that has not been discussed with the customer or add surprises to the bill.

Q.  Can I just drop by with my project and leave it until you are able to start it?

A.  The short answer to this is no.  We schedule our projects in as we have time and room to work them.  We do not want to have your baby sitting around or spending time outside.  We do not have the largest shop in the business and do not do volume work.  We try to give our customers a one on one treatment that is unequaled.  Please keep this in mind as you are waiting for us to take delivery of your project.

Q.  Do you perform routine maintenance such as oil changes and valve adjustments?

A.  Not unless it is performed as part of a project.  We are not in the routine maintenance business in general.  We do however perform some routine maintenance for our regular and loyal customers.

Q.  Do you build or rebuild engines?

A.  We prefer to use Chico Performance Racing as our engine supplier. We have worked closely with them and have had great results.

Q.  If I ship my vehicle to you via a transport company, will you inspect it for damage that might have occurred during shipping?

A.  Yes. We do an inspection and take pictures of the vehicle, then promptly email them to the owner so that any defects are sorted out in the case a claim must be made against the shipping company.  We also perform a check of all systems and record any items that do not function properly (i.e. wipers, horn, radio, etc.) before work begins.


We are located in Henry County Georgia. Contact us at  dave@dtmengineering.com  or call us at 678-517-3730.
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